David Byrne has a great, observation- and photo-rich post from Detroit (Don’t Forget the Motor City) that relates back to some of the themes I touched on when I posted about that city’s decline and potential reinvention as an near science-fictional green city. Julien Temple’s Requiem for Detroit (as David points out) provides some context for that.

I’ve been a little too busy to post here recently, but I have been adding to the Shadow Blog, and most recently I seem to be getting captivated by visually arresting posts like David’s, Transversalinflections’ Thoughts and a song (and this piece on artist Monika Cichoń), some wonderful posts from Matthew Flanagan’s Landscape suicide, Next Nature (like this compilation of bizarre oil-death-glam fashion photos), Ron Burnett’s blog, and other things in that vein.

Meanwhile, tonight’s sunset from here looked momentarily like this:


Add to that the last slow chirps of early autumn’s few remaining crickets (their chirping slows down, at a predictable rate, as it cools), and a bat still flittering between the trees (a good sign, since their populations have dropped considerably in the last few years), and there you have it.

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