The five week long, cross-blog reading group on Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter is wrapping up this week, with the discussion officially moving here for the final stretch. Here’s what’s been written so far (at least what I’ve seen):

Peter Gratton’s Overview and his interview with Jane Bennett

Beginning Thoughts:

Immanence on Bennett’s ‘Thing Power’.

Stuart Elden on Bennett and the history of ideas.

James Stanescu (Critical Animal) on “Enabling Instrumentations.”

Preface: Gratton (Philosophy in a Time of Error), Chapter 1, Gratton on Section I.

Chapter 1, Gratton on Sections II-V.

Chapter 1, Gratton on Section VI.

Chapter 2: Critical Animal here and here. Also, Immanence.

Chapter 3: Critical Animal here and here. Also, Immanence and Naught Thought. See also Electrate Professor.

Chapter 4: Critical Animal

Chapter 5: Naught Thought, Critical Animal, and Immanence.

Chapter 6: An und für sich .

Chapter 7: An und für sich . Also, Immanence .

In addition, Archive Fire and In the Middle posted a bit on the book, as did Graham Harman here and here (in advance of the blogathon).

There seems a general consensus that the book has not generated as much discussion and debate as had been anticipated, with a few different thoughts suggested for why that’s been the case (summer, the book being more suggestive than outlining a well defined position, and its suggestions being not entirely original for this community of blogger/readers, etc.).

I’ll present my thoughts on the final chapter, as well as concluding thoughts on the book as a whole, in upcoming posts.

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