The OTE keeps unfolding…

Does that thing (between 0:11 and 0:27) know what it is swimming through??

Here’s a good collection of some of the most memorable images (but what’s that awful music?):

Does Sarah McLaughlin improve things a little?

Or a little light Bach?

It’s much better to get creative…

I find these kinds of sound-image combinations — locals voicing genuine distress amidst talk-radio loopiness — much more affecting:

“Everything in there’s dead.”

The mix of righteous anger and right-wing paranoia that comes out strongly in the comments, or in the third video here, is where things get really bizarre (and there’s a lot of this online).

Fox News can’t help stoking the outrage over the spill, while being careful not to direct that outrage anywhere in particular just yet. Let it simmer for a while, then when there’s enough of a discursive linkage made in the right direction (anti-Obama), let it roll…

The dilemma for the eco-egalitarian resonance machine is that, in the dyadic chamber of American politics, criticism of Obama’s handling of this issue, and of the Democrats’ friendliness with corporations like BP, is bound to feed the Tea Party’s anti-governmental silliness. If the spill feeds an already existing populist anger against politicians — as it seems to be doing, and as I think it should (within a reasoned assessment of the history of corporate-government coziness) — it seems to me there should be a case being made for spinning that anger into a slogan like this:


(but make sure the ones you replace them with are no worse than the ones you’re booting out)”

That leaves open the question of who those bootlickers are. And the record speaks for itself… (More on that in my next post.)

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