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Shaka Freeman’s photo posts asking the question “Michael Pollan or Michel Foucault?” are hilarious, because the two Mickeys really do look alike and are sometimes difficult to tell apart. For the sake of a bit of entertaining triangulation, I’ve added Foucauldian ecologist and Greenpeace Canada activist Eric Darier to the mix.

But the site also subtly suggests that there may be a potentially powerful convergence between Pollan‘s insightful politics of food and Foucault’s incisive biopolitics that could help steer us in an appropriate direction throught the agrotechnoscientific minefields of the coming century. Perhaps Nikolas Rose’s The Politics of Life Itself: Biomedicine, Power, and Subjectivity in the Twenty-First Century could be an initial meeting point – though one would have to add a chapter specifically on agro-industrial technologies to make it so. (Darier’s Discourses of the Environment would make a welcome supplement to that discussion.)

Thanks to Scu at Critical Animal for alerting me to these. His critique of Pollan’s and Donna Haraway’s biopolitics can be read here.

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