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Added new database table fields, new table

For Landscape Change, I added a few new fields to our test databas and created a new table named items to store metadata for linked items (sounds pdsf, et.c associated with a single image)

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Generated Python Image Library for Zoomify

The "zoomify" utility wanted by Paul Bierman needs the Python Image Library module, which wasn’t building on zoo. Had TSG update python installation on zoo servers, now build OK. verified it would work with zoomify, passed it off the Ben … Continue reading

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CVS Server

Built and populated a CVS server on Badger for the GLCP project. Now need to develop a plan to us eit.

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Socwork problem

Helpline wrote me: Entered on 02/01/2006 at 10:42:58 by Mike Kontrovitz:Judith called back regarding this. Can someone please give her a hand?Entered on 01/30/2006 at 11:36:00 by Zak Brown:Client needs to update the Social Work training signup page/database. was told … Continue reading

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Videos for Admissions

Jen Francouer asked about making admissions videos available for easy iPod downloading. We’re meeting next wednesday, but i preparation I ensured that Current new admissions videos will indeed play with  iTunes, Mac and OC (they do using high bandwidth versions … Continue reading

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Updated Perseus account creation script

Doug Varney needed this converted for use on parrot. Apaprently, it missed the queue this summer. Script updated, all is well.

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