Congratulations to our May 2016 Inductees!

In May 2016, the Alpha of Vermont inducted 59 new members in course. Prof. Robert Pepperman Taylor of the Political Science Department became an honorary member.

Congratulations to all our new members:

Nicholas Adler, Katherine Amidon, Hannah Apfelbaum, Edward Bonner, Katerina Borisov, Stacey Brandt, Merrill Cameron, Jonathan Cares, Erin Clauss, Jessica Cohen, Duncan Donnay, Allyson Drummond, Ariel Eaton, Julianna Fedrizzi, Allison Giroux, Molly Gormley, Kerey Hamilton, Jack Hanson, Mariam Haq, Emily Hartman, Hayley Hirt, Abby Hurd, Sammie Ibrahim, Martin Kallur, Aaron Kane, Erin Keller, Jack Kilbride, Susan Kostin, Winny Kwong-Sito, Andrew Lamoureux, Samantha Lucas, Morgan Mathews, Rachel Mellen, Jeff Mercia, Emma Newton, Michaela O’Flaherty, Alex Olson, Cam Panepinto, Emily Peterson, Sara Piette, Erika Price, Leila Rezvani, Zhenya Rock, Newton Rose, Melita Schmeckpeper, Anna Schmoker, Jules Shackman, Erika Shepard, Andrew Smith, Katie Stoner, Irene Sue, Hannah Tenenbaum, Jonah Ullman, Bryce Wallis, Emma Waters, Raleigh Weese, Jordan Weith, Ellen Wixted, Ayla Yersel

Many thanks to all those who participated in the ceremony and helped to review transcripts!

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