Last View

From the first week of May compared to the last week in April the environment at my phenology spot didn’t change much. I’m not showing any pictures in this blog, however leaving the link to my I-naturalist to see what I observed. The reason much didn’t change from last time is the temperature actually got colder, so no plant species could blooms. Due to the fact this is my last blog post I want to discuss the ways nature and culture intertwine at my place. Since the place I choice has agriculture around it and a retention pound human culture is closely mingled with my place. From my observations the land has been developed on before, however they let some of the land grow back. I also seen nature and culture mingle, since I watched the turkeys run across the cultivated land. Even though the culture is part of land I don’t feel that I am. I feel like an observer, my presence is there, but I never leave a trace.

The View of the retention pound
Observations with I-naturalist