From Home to Shelburne

The place from Virginia to Shelburne has dramatic differences from the soil to the people. In Virginia the land is cultivated and industrialized to the max to utilize the space for human life. In Shelburne human life is a factor, however, I sense the land is valued almost as much as the human life. I have watched the Cyprus tree/ecosystem in my backyard change through out the seasons since I was one. As the seasons change from fall to the winter the grass starts wilt and the pine trees/Cyprus leaf structure maintains its integrity. At my phenology spot in Shelburne the change from fall to winter was dramatic. The atmosphere in Vermont is a lot colder than Virginia leading to a more dramatic change in the ecosystem. This drastic change is shown by the leaves changing colors quicker and the tree trucks becoming bare sooner. When I walk into my back yard I feel contained, but in Vermont I feel that there is a never-ending tree line that I can follow to the mountains. The people that live by my phenology spot back home are more money driven and the people who live by my phenology spot in Shelburne seem more in touch with the environment around them. ThisĀ attitude towards life takes a toll on how the land is taken care of and maintain.