Monthly Archives: October 2018

If Only the Bird Could Draw

Viewing my spot again I could tell fall took its toll. if you look around the pond ( the brown ) the trees  were slowly loosing their leaves. The primary type of tree species I notice were basswood and Black Locust. the multi-color is suppose to represent the leaves changing colors, in the soft wood forest that surrounds my phenology spot. While I was at my spot earlier today I noticed game tracks around the pond. The best thing was I saw a group of turkeys walking towards the woods past the gravel lot and over the darker green color ( suppose to represent a hill). It was nice to put a face to the tracks, but I also think theres more species in this ecosystem I haven’t observed.

Where and Why

Most people did their phenology project by the waterfront, but a friend and I decided to go somewhere different. We went on a walk down Speer Street and boom! we found a path that directed us to the perfect place. The little pond and purple flowers are what captured my view. It was aesthetically pleasing to look, so I knew it was the ideal spot to watch the seasons change throughout the semester. From the Paper Birch to the Evergreens and pond weeds, it caught my eyes attention and grasped my thoughts and wonders in its beauty.