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Just Past Water St.

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If you look across The Inn On Shipyard, my spot is on the rocks by the water

At about 10 a.m. on march 17th, 2019 I walked down to the waterfront of Mattapoisett. My first impression was it reminded me of the waterfront of Burlington, however the Massachusetts’s Harbor is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Champlain is a lake. I chose this spot, since the ecological factors differs from the one in Burlington. At this spot everything seemed to revolve around the water. Real-estate prices increase as you get closer to the water so that effects animal/plant life due to the high concentration of people. There were only a couple of trees in my area, however I was having trouble identifying them. In the first picture of the trees i identifed a boxelder. The tree below the boxelder I wasn’t able to identify, yet there was four in a row. Both of the tree species located in my spot didn’t seem to be native. Compared to my spot in Burlington the plants have definitely had human alterations, yet there still is local/native plant and tree species. This underlines the impacts humans have on the ecological design of costal area. The animal species i witnessed while observing my surrounds was the classic Sea Gull. The best part of my time spent on the rocks was watching the Sea gulls interact with each other while floating on the water waiting for breakfast to swim by.

The view
Shrub species located between the rocks
Tree I was unable to identify
Sea Gulls and Rocks