Winter Snow Cover

 I slowly pick my head up from the snow covered ground and notice there is no pond weeds, or deciduous tree leaves in sight. Last time I came there were still a few stragglers holding on to  the twig, but now the twigs are bare and the buds are exposed (see photos from this date). With the snow present tracks are easier to see and it looks like wild turkeys have been enjoying the land! As I stood atop a small hill looking over the land, my friend and I noticed a group of wild turkeys trotting along the frozen ground. I hope next time we can get closer and maybe be able to distinguish what kind of turkeys they are.   

List of deciduous trees i could identify: Paper Birch, Beech, and Maple

Photo taken by Josh Cohen of turkeys strolling on the land
Photo taken by me of a beech twig
Photo taken by me of a Sugar Maple twig
Labeled twig of a paper birch