Way back in 2019, we visited Duijndam Machines in The Netherlands. We had heard from growers in the northeast about this fantastical place where used equipment from European growers goes, not to die, but to be reborn.

We had to see it for ourselves. And to bring home some video of our tour.

The video below is a way-too-short glimpse into our walking tour of the inventory that spans multiple buildings (including some awesome converted greenhouses) in the countryside of Holland.

Several growers we work with have imported machines from Duijndam with very good results. Duijndam is well-versed in overseas shipping and customs clearing. And Robbert Duijndam told me recently that the combination of exchange rate and shipping costs is quite favorable for US customers presently.

The inventory at Duijndam is mind-boggling. What’s more mind-boggling is that they keep it straight and offer loads of photos and even videos of most of their inventory on their website.

Duijndam has shipped partial and full shipping containers to growers in Vermont and they also are familiar with shipments that are combined among several growers in the same area.

Some of the equipment we saw that growers in the northeast might appreciate included:

  • Barrel washers (sometimes called destoners)
  • Undercutter bars
  • Flamers
  • Conveyors
  • Drying belts
  • Rinse conveyors / rinse tunnels
  • Root harvesters

Sample Equipment Gallery

Note, these photos are from our 2019 visit. Please visit Duijndam’s site for current inventory.

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