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Using Collaborative Learning Experiences to Support Student Success

This post is contributed by Dr. Ellen McShane, Director of Academic Success Programs at UVM. Author George D. Kuh (2008) has identified collaborative learning experiences as a “high-impact practice” that allows students to succeed in college. Collaborative learning experiences can … Continue reading

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Our Common Ground

Recently, President Sullivan announced a new award to recognize staff “who exemplify the qualities of the University of Vermont’s Our Common Ground, the statement of aspirations and shared values for the UVM Community.” In part, this new award seeks to … Continue reading

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Adding a Banner to a Blackboard Course

A course banner brightens up a course home page and helps users identify the course they’ve entered. Any image can be made into a banner, but the ideal dimensions are shallow and wide.* Text can be added to an image … Continue reading

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New research reveals a not-so-Web-savvy “Internet Generation”

Here’s an interesting article showcasing recent research on the so-called “Net Generation.” The German Website, Speigel Online International, cites research that debunks a number of popular assumptions about this generation’s adroitness with Web technologies and their supposed desire to do … Continue reading

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Another Perspective on Intellectual Property

Perspectives on intellectual property in higher ed vary widely and the one expressed by this speaker (15 min. video) favors the open education movement and places the idea of information as personal property to be protected in an historical context … Continue reading

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The Blackboard Jungle: Navigating Race, Gender and Sexuality in the New Classroom Culture

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is sponsoring this symposium on March 28th and 29th for UVM faculty. This event will address “the challenges that emerge when gender, race and sexuality intersect and shape how students learn and how we teach.” … Continue reading

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Blogging the sabbatical

We were all delighted to see Shirley’s (Shirley Gedeon, the CTL’s former director) blog about her sabbatical in Bosnia – a lively read and vicarious getaway. Wow, Shirley, you GO.

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For faculty interested in service learning:

The Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Program recruits faculty members from across UVM to participate in a seminar each Spring on how to build service-learning pedagogy into courses. Faculty members must apply and be accepted into the Program, are given a … Continue reading

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Center for Cultural Pluralism Event

The Center for Cultural Pluralism is sponsoring an even that promises to be interesting and important: “Moving Beyond the Basics: Shifts of Consciousness and Practice for Transformative Multicultural Teaching and Learning” (snippet of the description on the CCP website) [Transformative … Continue reading

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“Sentences are smarter than the grunts of bullet points.”  —Edward Tufte

We were talking today, again, about that recurrent concern over the reliance on PowerPoint for presenting complex concepts or sharing knowledge. I recently read Edward Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence and the second edition of his powerful PowerPoint essay is quoted in … Continue reading

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