iClicker Reminders for New Semester

Here are a few reminders as you get your course up and running to use iclickers:

  1. Only install iClicker software from our website CTL. It has special settings for UVM and Blackboard. Link to iClicker page on CTL website
  2. Check for updates to iClicker software before syncing your roster with your course in Blackboard.
  3. Make sure your course is available in Blackboard before trying to sync the first time.
  4. Review this post for iClicker Gotchas Link to iClicker Gotchas post.
  5. Have your students register their iClickers (and REEF) through Blackboard (after logging in), but before clicking on the course.
  6.  Back up your classes folder in iClicker often. Like every week or so. You can write over the old folder if it is for the same course.

Want to learn more about iClickers at UVM? Look at our iClicker Page

Also, if you want to do a test run with your class or try iClickers for a few class sessions without committing- make an appointment to come and talk to us about getting set-up and borrowing iClickers. We are also available during to talk more about iClickers at the Doctor Is In, our walk-in help program: www.uvm.edu/ctl/doctor.

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