Welcome to your new blog!

This blog “theme” comes set up to be modeled after a course, meaning that the categories/tabs are named in such a way as to be appropriate for use as a teaching tool.

That said, you can easily change the category names, remove them, or add new ones if you wish to use this themed blog for another purpose. The only categories you cannot remove or rename are “home” and “sidebar”

To edit this post and begin blogging, you can proceed to your blog’s admin area.

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  1. justin says:

    Here is a sample comment.

    A comment is a kind of note that visitors to your site can leave attached to a specific article. To enable comments on your blog, follow the instructions provided on the Blogging@UVM site.

    If you wish to disable comments by default for the entire site, you can do so in Weblog Config->Prefernces->Comment Configuration. You can also disable comments for a particular post by clicking on “Entries”, then clicking on the name of the post, then unchecking the “allow comments” box near the bottom of the form. Save and rebuild, and you should be comment free for that post.

    You can delete this comment by going into the “Comments” area within your blog’s administration area.

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