Email Addresses

Hi Everyone: Here are our email addresses as I have them. If you have a better address or a second address you’d like to add, just email me. Best wishes, Charlie (Tara) (Christie) (Dante) (David) (Laura) (Todd)

D6-Confusing Discussion and Discouragement.

I felt poorly after the intelligence/style discussion. When I’d read it, the distinctions were so clear. After talking, the distinctions were not so clear. Ahhh, the benefits of dialogue and how it moves one into one’s ZPD. I’d like to just keep the warning out there that learning style and the intelligences, multiple or otherwise, […]

No Tears Over Tiers

Hi — I’m not sure about the rest of you but I thought the discussion about Tiering was very fruitful today. The idea of having some kind of framework through which to engineer the complexity of the various levels is more important than having a specific framework in mind. Over the course of a career, […]

D1, Clarity of Syllabus and Assignments.

Now you’ve read (and heard, and talked through) the syllabus. What questions, reflections, comments do you have on the work you are facing? What can I do to help you get from here to “there.” Charlie

Open Discussion

A place to talk about anything in the course. This entry is for ongoing topics of discussion, not those particularly related to any one class. Feel free to use it as you wish.

Use of the Discussion Category.

This is where you will enter commentary relative to our class experiences. I will take the lead in offering a comment about each class. You can take it from there.