Individual Project

I am asking each of you to complete a project commensurate with your level of professional expertise. I want to guide your development of this project so that you expend the least amount of effort on trying to figure out whether it’s acceptable to me and the most amount of effort on its usefulness to […]

Class Expectations

Academic 1.Attend class and participate meaningfully. Phone or email Charlie if you are going to be absent or late on a given day. (20%) 2.Do daily assignments (20%) 3.Enter five comments over the ten days of the course. (20%) 4.Complete an individual differentiation project. See Project Description in Assignment Area and Project Rubric in Rubric […]

Assignment One

Here is an example assignment posting. Here you could post information about the required readings, homework due, or projects. For each assignment, you can make a new post in the assignment category.