D6-Confusing Discussion and Discouragement.

I felt poorly after the intelligence/style discussion. When I’d read it, the distinctions were so clear. After talking, the distinctions were not so clear. Ahhh, the benefits of dialogue and how it moves one into one’s ZPD. I’d like to just keep the warning out there that learning style and the intelligences, multiple or otherwise, […]

CI Overview

Major components of Complex Instruction cooperative learning strategies.

KWL Discussion, Friday, 7/22/05

What we want to learn… Reviewing the KWL Four Days After It Was Done Friday, July 22, 2005 1. Do expectations differ for students? Different expectations for different students? Should you take the challenge to the edge of someone’s strength? •Expectations is tricky – equity vs. equality… . E. do differ for students? Yes. E. […]

No Tears Over Tiers

Hi — I’m not sure about the rest of you but I thought the discussion about Tiering was very fruitful today. The idea of having some kind of framework through which to engineer the complexity of the various levels is more important than having a specific framework in mind. Over the course of a career, […]

Tiered Lesson – Good site for plans.

Good example of how a lesson can “tiered,” a DI strategy that focuses on increasing the sophistication of content without losing its central meaning. Useful for learners of various abilities.

Lesson Plan from Tuesday’s Class

11-25-03 ver.1.5 Lesson Plan Format Teacher: C. Rathbone Context: Spontaneous class activity given discussion on planning DI. Topic: Planning DI Curriculum Age/Grade: College, Graduate Course Time: 11:10am Class #2. Goals: What are goals for myself and my teaching? To take the mystique out of planning DI. To use the group as both subject and object […]

DI Websites

I’m listing two here. One from the National Geographic and one from a private company (I think). I think the NG plans are very high quality. Some are di in scope.

MI Assessment (and others)

Canadian WorkForce Website containing several assessment tools to create a work preference profile.

Emotions and Memory #2.

Recent research about the physiological mechanisms that make highly emotional experiences more salient in memory. “How The Brain Gives Special Resonance To Emotional Memory.”

Emotions and Memory #1

Recent evidence linking the power of emotion in remembering. “Emotional Memories Function In Self Reinforcing Loop.