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Don’t forget. Collect examples of student work this year as you put your designed units into play. Send me several examples via jpeg attachments so we can all see how our work has continued! Thanks, Ch.


July 18th – July 29th 8:30 – Noon, Monday-Friday 426 Waterman Building UVM Green On A Hot Summer’s Morning Instructor: Charles Rathbone, Ph.D. (Syracuse University) Office Phone: 656-4578 Department Phone: 656-3356 (Courtney) E-mail: Students process and make sense of ideas and information more easily when their classroom activities are interesting to students, call on […]


Welcome to your new blog! This blog “theme” comes set up to be modeled after a course, meaning that the categories/tabs are named in such a way as to be appropriate for use as a teaching tool. That said, you can easily change the category names, remove them, or add new ones if you wish […]