Introducing: Family Imposter/Emergency Scam Prevention Videos

By Crystal Baldwin “I need help…”“I’m in prison…” “I’m in the hospital. I need help…” “I had a bad car accident, and people are injured…”  No matter what the scammers say when they initiate the family imposter/ emergency scam, it is sure to spike emotion. Scammers call, claiming … Continue reading

SLAM the SCAM: Hang up on government imposters!

Receiving a call from someone claiming to be from the government can be alarming. These calls can be threatening in nature, claiming your personal information or identification was involved in a crime, or money is owed to a federal agency. On the other hand, sometimes these calls are more positive which offer fake opportunities for government grants, entitlements, or benefits. If you suspect that you are being targeted by a scam, the best thing you can do is not respond. If you receive a scam call, SLAM the SCAM by hanging up! Continue reading

Imposter Scams: Take Steps to Verify. Video Scam Prevention Project

By Crystal Baldwin My fellow Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) colleagues and I have heard hundreds of personal stories from those who have experienced loss due to scams. The effects of scams are devastating and overwhelming. We understand where you are coming from when you … Continue reading

Grandchild Imposter “Grandparent” Scam in Vermont

No matter what the scammers say when they initiate the “Grandparent Scam,” the introduction is sure to spike emotion. That is what they hope. They call claiming to be one of your most cherished loved ones—your grandchild—and ignite fear that those you care about are in dire need. With emotions running high and deep, how can you not engage with the call, stay on the line, and find out more? You are worried and feel helpless because all you have to validate this story is the phone in your hand and the fear of what if. What if you do nothing and your grandchild really was in trouble? Continue reading