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Animal Tracks Observed Changes in My Phenology Site I have noticed a pretty dramatic shift in the snow pack of my Phenology Site near the North East Corner of Simpson Woods. During my last visit, there was a few inches, if that, of snow that was freshly fallen and more powdery. The snow that I … Continue reading

Phenology and Place

There is certainly a big addition to my most recent phenology visit… SNOW! Where I am from in Pennsylvania, we wouldn’t be seeing snow for at least a month or more at this point. Even in just my little time in Vermont, I am really able to feel the ferocity and intensity of the seasons. … Continue reading


I visited my phenology site today on one of the last days before snow fall. The birds, which I have never quite encountered before, were bustling all about almost in preparation for the storm to come. In some ways I could see the parallels of excitement in the people of Burlington and these birds. The … Continue reading

Sense of Place in My Hometown

Unlike many of the first-year students headed home over thanksgiving break, I had not been to my hometown in 6 months. In late May I packed my things, left my house in southeast Pennsylvania, and headed up to the mountains of New Hampshire. During these next three months I was able to deepen my sense … Continue reading

Intro to Simpson Woods

In order to reach my downed log in the middle of the woods behind Simpson, you must first walk through some tall brambly grass. After descending through the grass you will come across a trail which you will follow for a few steps until you reach a clearing. In the clearing there is a downed … Continue reading