Phenology and Place

There is certainly a big addition to my most recent phenology visit… SNOW! Where I am from in Pennsylvania, we wouldn’t be seeing snow for at least a month or more at this point. Even in just my little time in Vermont, I am really able to feel the ferocity and intensity of the seasons. … Continue reading


I visited my phenology site today on one of the last days before snow fall. The birds, which I have never quite encountered before, were bustling all about almost in preparation for the storm to come. In some ways I could see the parallels of excitement in the people of Burlington and these birds. The … Continue reading

Sense of Place in My Hometown

Unlike many of the first-year students headed home over thanksgiving break, I had not been to my hometown in 6 months. In late May I packed my things, left my house in southeast Pennsylvania, and headed up to the mountains of New Hampshire. During these next three months I was able to deepen my sense … Continue reading