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Last week’s “Green Mind” issue of the New York Times Magazine shows how behavioral science is making an impact on environmental policy and decision-making. In particular, Jon Gertner’s “Why Isn’t the Brain Green?” provides a useful summary of how the trendy fields of behavioral economics and ‘decision science’ are being applied to thinking about climate […]

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Greenpeace International’s Earth Day video looks like a recruitment ad for an army of media-guerrilla climate warriors. From the techno-martial drumming, rapid-fire camera movement, shots of the troops in action, eco-doomsday imagery (including an image of the sun rising over the Earth looking like a mushroom cloud), and Christ the Redeemer flying over Rio de […]

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An online space for environmental cultural theory, this weblog has two primary objectives: (1) To communicate about issues at the intersection of ecological, political, and cultural thought and practice, especially at the interdisciplinary junctures forming in and around the fields of ecocriticism , green cultural studies, political ecology, environmental communication, ecophilosophy, and related areas (biosemiotics, […]

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