Fall 2017: Semester in Review

It’s the last day of finals here on campus (I know, we can’t believe it either) and that means a whole semester has passed since you graduated!

Campus has been busy with all sorts of things this semester, so we thought we’d do a quick recap so you won’t feel like you missed out on any of the good stuff.

Here are some highlights.

Torrey Hall Fire:

The Burlington Free Press captured a live video at the scene as it was handled by the fire department.

If you didn’t know, the third floor of Torrey Hall houses the Pringle Herbarium.This was a scary day for many professors on campus, as they didn’t know if the rare specimens would survive. Thankfully, there was little damage to the herbariarium. Check out the Seven days article for more info.

Student Protests / Student Demands:

During the semester, a group of students brought their concerns regarding diversity at UVM to the administration, and President Sullivan.

Seven days has an article that covers the whole conversation, as well as the list of student demands and the president’s response embedded on the page.

Dairy Bar:


And the best part- They’re using local milk and cream from the UVM C.R.E.A.M. Program! We prefer cookies and cream or their coffee flavors. Yum!

Full Story Here.

Wellness Environment:

This semester was the first with the new and improved Wellness Environment. With a new central location in the new first year dorms, and expanded student participation, the ‘WE’ has made a big impact on campus. (As well as a bit of a splash in the news).

These Students aren’t nodding off, they’re meditating. -Boston Globe

Hudziak talks WE progress, concerns. -VT Cynic

New Buildings on Campus:

Wondering how they fit all those new WE students into central campus? Well, there’s been a bit of construction. We realize a lot of this was going on when you all were on campus, but here’s a quick update.

The Discovery Building (part 1 of the STEM Complex) has been completed, and at the beginning of this semester, Cook Hall was torn down to make room for the Innovation building, which will come next. Oh, and there’s a cool pedestrian bridge that links Votey to Discovery!

Right behind, the Central Campus Residence-Hall (yep, it hasn’t been named yet) opened for the first time, and includes a new dining hall (apparently the lines have been out the door all semester)! Oh, and there’s a cool pedestrian bridge linking it with Bailey-Howe Library. So yeah, bridges are in right now.

Still underway is the construction of Ifshin Hall (an expansion on the Kalkin Building) and they’re beginning renovations to the Taft School building, at the corner of Pearl and South Williams; a new home for Art and Dance on campus.

Faculty Features:

Missing your fave prof? Check out these super cool faculty features! They interviewed people like Yutaka Kono, Rasheda Weaver, Tina Escaja, Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, Major Jackson and more!

They can all be found on the UVM Facebook page.

And just like that, the semester is over!