101 Things: 10 things in under a minute

We’re back with another edition of 101 Things. So far we’ve crossed 9 things off the list this year. Instead of crossing off one more to make 10, we decided to speed things up and cross off 10 things in one sitting.
101poster with crossoffs

Check out the video below to see us tackle the following:
6. Tie-dye
28. Drink out of mason jar
38. Try sugar on snow
50. Learn a foreign language
69. Use a spork
73. Have a cider donut
76. Eat real maple syrup
79. Learn the UVM fight song
81. Compost
100. Own at least one piece of UVM apparel

Like any good movie, the behind the scenes are the best part.

Here’s Derrick showing off his extensive collection of UVM paraphernalia:

And here we are learning the fight song:

Now we’re off to take a nap courtesy of the sugar on snow, cider donut and maple syrup combo.

101poster with crossoffs