What’s the Deal with My UVM Email? 2017 Edition

You’ve had your UVM email address for 4+ years now and you may be wondering what’s going to happen with it now that you are an alum.

Two things are going to happen very soon:

  1. You’ll get some weird messages about your current email account, but don’t despair, you’ll have it for a few more months at the least.
  2. You’ll have the chance to create a permanent, lifetime UVM email address. And, you get to log-in using your current NetID and password (nothing new to remember!).

First, the weirdness.

If you haven’t already, one of the first things you’ll get is a cryptic-looking email from UVM that reads like this:

This is an automated email sent to all recent graduates like yourself that makes you feel like you are reading this:

It is definitely confusing and looks like someone may have hacked your account, but don’t worry, it’s really just a message to let you know that a change is coming to your NetID and email.

The most important thing you need to know is that if you want to keep a UVM email address forever, you can very soon!

Your uvm.edu email address will keep working for another few months, and soon, you will have the option to receive a lifetime email address that ends with @alumni.uvm.edu. You’ll activate your account using your existing NetID and password — super simple.

Your lifetime alumni email address will be available in just a few weeks and you’ll get a message announcing when you can log-in from the Alumni Association.  We will be sure to remind you as well.

And, just to get you thinking, here are 5 great reasons to use your alumni email account:

  • 50 GB of inbox space (miserly Gmail only gives you 15 GB)
  • No advertising and no data harvesting (we’re looking at you again, Gmail)
  • Allows you to keep a consistent email address as you change jobs, addresses, and internet access providers.
  • You can have it flow right into your mail app on your phone (just like when you were a student).
  • You get to rock your school spirit in email form — forever.

And while we’re at it, if you’ve moved recently, feel free to update your mailing address here, so you don’t miss any of our fun stuff in your home mailbox: alumni.uvm.edu/updateinfo.