Gratitude Grams

gratitude grams
Both Derrick and I have found that there are some things about UVM we didn’t appreciate until after we graduated. A professor who really took the time to help us figure out a career path, a class that sparked an interest we didn’t even know we had, the smiling face of Charlie at the falafel corner.

Now that you’ve been away for a bit, we thought you might have that same feeling. And since it’s our job to help you stay connected to campus we want to help you send your gratitude along to the people here.

That’s why we created UVM Gratitude Grams. You write a note of appreciation to a faculty or staff member on campus, and we’ll deliver it for you.
gratitude gram for blog
We had these snazzy cards made up and we’ll print your message on each ‘gram you want to send. Then we’ll use campus mail to deliver them.

All you have to do is fill out this form. You can write as many ‘grams as you’d like. You’ll just have to fill out a new submission for each person.

Have fun spreading the love.
candy cane grams mean girls gif— Ryan