You’ve got mail (from us!)

By now you should have received an envelope that looks like this:
Records update_outerenvelopeWhat is it? It’s a quick list of your contact information as it’s recorded in the UVM alumni database. This is your chance to easily make any updates or changes.

Why does it matter? Well, if your name is Roger but you go by Tim and don’t let us know, UVM will call you the wrong name for the rest of eternity.

Or, if we have you living with in Massachusetts but you’ve moved to New York City, UVM will keep sending you invitations to Boston events and you’ll miss out on what’s happening near you.

We did our best to make it easy for you, and we’ll walk you through it now.

1. Grab it off your mail pile and open it up! Inside will look like this:
Records update_checkingin

2. Unfold the page and that’s where the fun starts:
Records update_nameemailphone

3. Check the white boxes to let us know what’s correct and use the lines below to make any changes or add in any missing information.Records update_addressactivities

4. Once you’ve confirmed and corrected your contact information you’ll find one more section.

In this yellow “Anything Else?” box you can write in any group or activity you were involved in at UVM. For example, if you were on the Women’s Field Hockey team or part of an awesome SGA club, write it in. We can tag these activities/teams/clubs to your alumni record.

That way when your A Capella group is celebrating their 35th reunion (like the Top Cats are this weekend), we know to include you in the invitation.

5. Now that you’ve completed the form, drop it in the enclosed envelope and stick it in the mail – the postage is already paid. So you don’t even need to find a stamp!
Records update_qbrm

If you prefer to update your contact information online you do so here.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us: or