101 Things To Do: Cookies, Grilled Cheese, and Sun

Derrick and Ryan are still in pursuit of all 101 activities on the infamous list you may or may not have seen floating around campus the last four (or five) years!
101poster with crossoffs

Today’s edition features #5, #37, and #66 – Rub the Catamount statue for good luck, eat a grilled cheese from Feel Good, and eat a Marche Cookie.

We both love this time of year at UVM – it’s almost Fall, but still warm. Students are back and soaking up campus. And, as you might have guessed from one of our previous outings, we love to eat.

So, we thought we’d take you back to a couple of classic snack locales on campus.101 Things Feel Good 007

First, a quick stop by the Catamount statue because who can’t use more good luck?

Next, the Marche cookie.  This one was Derrick’s craving: “I was feeling a bit nostalgic about my days living in Austin. I always seemed to have late classes or meetings on campus and would stop by the Marche on my way back to my room. The chicken tenders got old after the first week of doing this so I started grabbing a cookie and some milk for a late night snack–it was my tradition and usually ended with me passed out for the night!”101 Things Feel Good 042

“Sitting in the Marche again really brought back some memories. I guess I spent more time there than I thought–studying, snacking or people-watching. It was a quiet place to be, except for the occasional long-boarder screaming through L/L.”

101 Things Feel Good 047

And, after battling the crowds near Baily-Howe, we get to my favorite snacking spot – Feel Good. Delicious grilled cheese made from local ingredients that supports a good cause? You can’t beat that.

101 Things Feel Good 018

101 Things Feel Good 027Derrick and I both ordered the “Cheese Louise”. With cheddar, honey mustard, apples and maple syrup, it had all the essential Vermont fall flavors. We enjoyed our grilled cheeses while strolling around campus, soaking up some sunshine and swapping stories about our UVM dining habits. Like that year I lived in Mercy and ate a sandwich from Northside for dinner every. single. night.
101 Things Feel Good 028 Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned all throughout the year for more posts like these. We will attempt to:

  • Make new friends from each campus
  • Hunt for ghosts in the Converse Hall attics
  • Climb Camel’s Hump
  • Spend a day barefoot
  • Learn a foreign language
  • And much more!

Help pick what we do next – email us at afterwrd@uvm.edu