Welcome to Afterword. This blog is the afterword to your UVM story. It’s here to keep you connected to UVM, Burlington, and to your classmates.

Look, we’ve been in your position before: scraping by on pop-tarts and ramen, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, temporarily living with our parents and watching all nine seasons of the X-Files…

It takes a little while for everything to work out. Just remember, Afterword is here to help.

You can email us anytime at ryan.chartier@uvm.edu or kathryn.meader@uvm.edu

Ryan Chartier ’10

Ryan is a two time graduate of UVM with a BA and MA in English. He has spent a decade in the Burlington area and remembers what the University was like before the Davis Center. He has been with the UVM Foundation since 2014 and spends his free time biking, hiking, playing music and thinking critically about film and television.


Kathryn Meader ’15

Kathryn is a 2015 graduate of UVM with a BA in Religion and History, originally from Southeastern MA. She has been working for the Foundation since 2015 and joined the Afterword team this spring! Kathryn’s hobbies include cooking, binging podcasts, and finding any excuse possible to be at the beach. Disclaimers: Loves bread, and will cross the street to pet a dog.