101 Things To Do Before (or After) You Graduate: Bike and Beach Edition

Enthusiastic UVM Foundation employee Derrick Dubois ‘13 joins skeptical UVM Foundation Employee Ryan Chartier ‘10 in pursuit of all 101 activities on the infamous list you may or may not have seen floating around campus the last four (or five) years!

101 poster_bike_ride

Today’s edition features #7 and #9 — “Take a Ride by the Water” and “Spend a Day at North Beach”. Our last activity left us feeling sluggish. Never fear, exercise is here!

This adventure was Ryan’s idea: “I’ve lived in Burlington without a car for eight years. Although that might seem crazy, I’ve always been able to get to where I need to go and explore cool little sections of the city along the way and it’s kept me close to the heart of downtown. After nearly a decade I’ve decided to upgrade to the limousine of bicycles”.

Ryan And Derrick Bike

Ahh , a fine day for a ride….90 degrees

…but like we might hit you…the bike is in control!!

Ryan and Derrick BeachMade it to North Beach. (Not) working on our tans…

….and narrowly avoiding the toxic blue-green algae bloom!


Stay tuned all throughout the year for more posts like these. We will attempt to:

  • Make new friends from each campus
  • Hunt for ghosts in the Converse Hall attics
  • Climb Camel’s Hump
  • Spend a day barefoot
  • Learn a foreign language
  • And much more!

Help pick what we do next – email us at afterwrd@uvm.edu