What’s the deal with my UVM email?

On Wednesday, you probably received a cryptic email saying “your formal affiliation with UVM” is over…

2015-07-15 15_07_46-Write_ Re_ Warning Notice_ UVM Network ID removal process

If you read it, you probably felt a little confused (and maybe a little angry). Yeah, it was a weird email, but here’s the real scoop on your UVM email address.

  • Your formal affiliation with UVM isn’t over. We’ll always love you.

Snape Always

  • If you want to keep your UVM email forever, you can. Next year, you’ll get information about a lifetime alumni email address (just like your lifetime AIM account, right?).


  • If you don’t want to keep your email address, just forward it to your Gmail account.

2015-07-15 14_44_51-UVM Email Filtering

  • Or, if you want to ignore everything above, email us at afterword@uvm.edu, give us the email you actually use, and we’ll update it for you.