streaming media updates

Wendy and ines made some helpful suggestions for changes to metadata upload pages. They can be found on . SAA bumped up the # of virtual processors allocated to the server. Need to tune the queuing software, which has been done on streaming-dev. Also updated the embeded players to increment the raw views count in the About tab. Will migrate all recent updates to prod server during spring break



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oEmbed bug

Recent edits to provide better view statistics had unintended consequence of disabling the oEmbed plug-in for WordPress. Thanks to Inés for discovering. Still need to fiddle with embedded audio iframe dimensions.

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Video History

Enhanced UVMTube to track views: Video ID, Logged in user ID, time/date. triggered by clicking on Play control. Only tracks first button press. Feature request from Dana Library

still need a interface to request and display results


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Golden Globe Nominee? Or just another cat(amount) video.

Edited to J’s timecodes Designing for Learning video, found at


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no no logo now allows video owners to suppress the UVM watermark (request from Dana Library).

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Video Queue redux

Staged a  race to transcode 4 videos concurrently on prod server and sequentially through queue on the devo server

Concurrent won.

So I figured I needed to use two queues to leverage multiple virtual cores. modified code to do just that.  tested extensively. Staged another race, queue won handily  Rolled it out on prod server. If no one notices, then it was a success.

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UVMTube: Allow users to upload their own Poster/thumbnail jpeg

I am a coding machine. Today I am happy to announce that UVMTube now allows users to upload their own Poster/thumbnail jpeg. I wrote the code in the Sugarbush (Lincoln Peak) base lodge last Saturday while my wife and son skied. My remanufactured knee joint is still a good month or more away from strapping on boards.  Making me so crazy that I do work on a Saturday. Really.

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Job Queueing for UVMTube (CumulusClips)

Two pieces: a surrogate perl script that receives encode command. Streaming server would send this command direct to OS; now, it sends it to perl script which places job in a queue structure (See CPAN File::Queue) . Meanwhile, perl script 2 runs as a background daemon which periodically checks for items in the queue. By default, perl back tic ` operator  waits for command to finish, so no danger of daemon starting job n+1 while job n is running; nonetheless,  added some file locking code just to be sure.


might add some logging, too, just in case. Could be useful for resubmitting jobs.

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Stats and history for Guide on the Side

Library is heavy user go University of Arizona Guide on the Side software.

they liked the quiz/tutorial results email, but really wished it would keep a results table from which they could gather and manipulate aggregate data.

I looked at the code, and said, “No way,too complicated.” OO programming=> massive code base and much confusion.

But after two days of head banging, I had a revelation and cracked the database object methods. After that, Secret was to store reseals array as a JSon encoded string. Decode at report generate time. Pretty Slick.

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Added text to events confirmation email

Update CTL Events confirmation email – below the Details header add a new header –

Please Let Us Know

We want to ensure that this workshop is aligned with your personal goals. Please complete this sentence and then reply to this email:

“By the end of this workshop, I hope to learn…..”

You are receiving this email because you are enrolled in a CTL event. (you can delete the part about cancellation, they get that info in the reminder email)

This confirmation email is sent from the workshop faciliator’s email address.

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