I am a migration scholar and an urban geographer who uses primarily qualitative, interdisciplinary and community-based approaches to conduct my research.  My key interests lie in exploring the complex relationships between people and place and especially in the ways that flows of capital, labour, bodies, and ideas may transform various landscapes.  I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Vermont since 2008.  I teach courses on race and ethnicity in the US, global cities, North American immigrant experiences, international development, population displacement, and natural disasters, the geography of South Asia, transnationalism, migration and globalization, and environmental cultural studies.  My three major current projects are on three broad topics:

  1. Transnationalism, globalization and urbanization in India
  2. Forced migration related to development and environment across the globe
  3. Refugee resettlement in non-traditional urban sites in North America

Within these areas I conduct research on many sub-topics including

  • Refugee resettlement in the non-traditional destinations in the US
  • Environmentally-induced displacement across the globe
  • Food and migration
  • Transportation and mobility for underserved populations.

This site includes descriptions and output from several of these projects.  Please check back for regular updates.

I am also a member of the following: