I am a migration scholar and an urban geographer who uses primarily qualitative, interdisciplinary and community-based approaches to conduct my research.  My key interests lie in exploring the complex relationships between people and place and especially in the ways that flows of capital, labour, bodies, and ideas may transform various landscapes.  I am currently a Professor in the Department of Geography and Geosciences and Director of the Global and Regional Studies Program at the University of Vermont.  Additionally, I currently serve as a Science Advisor for the USDA in the role of Panel Manager for the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program. On this site you will find information on my current teaching, research, university-related and community-based initiatives. Here are a few related links on my work:

  • Website on my work related to refugee resettlement in small cities in the US
  • An article on community based refugee research at UVM 
  • An interview and a reflection on my latest publication Refugees in New Destinations – Resettlement in Vermont