Original Text – The Primary Source Is Me

I found the journal/notes I kept the entire time I was in the Urban Teaching Program. So as I work through this writing, I’ll connect to some of this original work as it seems appropriate or illuminating. It is interesting to see my perspective while I was going through it all. I had varying perspectives […]

Urban Education

DRAFT Chapter ___. Urban Teaching, Urban Education Memory possesses authority for the fearful self in a world where it necessary to claim authority in order to Question Authority. Their may be no more pressing intellectual need in our culture than for people to become sophisticated about the function of memory. The political implications of the […]

Urban Teaching

DRAFT Chapter ___ Urban Teaching, Urban Education The task calls for creative innovation all along the line. No society has as yet made the most of the potential of their children. Yet, the increasing role of technology in our society, combined with the ideal of optimal development for all youth, demands that we do better […]


Haven’t entered things in a while. CIanya has been very sick and I’ve loved my care for her. But it’s gotten me behind a bit. I’ve been writing and focused on the post college years in Syracuse. That’s why I’ve called both chapters, Urban Teaching, Urban Education, first teaching, then education. Education what happened to […]

Day Three Ci Rotation An Observation

I’ve spent the last three days watching Suzanne do a ci rotation on area and perimeter with her children, fourth graders. (It is amazing how big these kids seem. I noticed them as second graders a couple of years ago when the Ed10 class was working in her room during after lunch recess. They have […]

Tom Brady, Team Goals, and CI Success

The Freeps carried a column by Mike Lopresti this am that quoted a few of Tom Brady’s remarks after Sunday’s win. “…he spoke at length the other day with a clear understanding about what it takes to be a Patriot. ‘Anyone that chooses to play on the Patriots realizes that (winning) supercedes any other individual […]


Why White and Other?

Why White and Other? I am aware that subtext to my conversation in Chapter One is the fact that I equate social justice with the struggle for racial equity. Privilege and power could be played out on many fronts – economic, choice, gender, preference. Without thought, I naturally play them out in the context of […]

Why Write?

Why Write I wish I could make it simple, this desire to write down my narrative about who I am now and how I got here. Immediately, I racialize my intent because who I am is a 62 year old white guy who’s taught mostly teachers to be for thirty five years at the same […]

24 Fall 2005

February 2, 2005 8:53:11 AM thoughts for the Fall Class One establishing up front the social justice idea before heading into the interactive model tell the story of the bricks, the walls, the cathedral – sunni story – rasputin (no but something like this) have students write why I want to be a teacher brainstorm […]