24 Fall 2005

February 2, 2005 8:53:11 AM

thoughts for the Fall

Class One

establishing up front the social justice idea before heading into the interactive model

tell the story of the bricks, the walls, the cathedral – sunni story – rasputin (no but something like this)

have students write why I want to be a teacher

brainstorm what it means to teach for social justice

use portions of the i have a dream speech

expand the brainstorm

create a definition from this

homework list from writing those reasons that would fall under the sj category

those reasons that would not

any wish to change – another reflection…tied into a reading…pedagogy of the oppressed selections?

Class two – process

then, the interactive model

take time to develop each of the elements (text, context, learner profile, outcomes)

then use the case study of Maria and the little boy to develop this – read and viewed

then, into content about learning.

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