Podcast Sharing

I’ve been asked to share my humble attempts at Podcasting during a session at the Center for Teaching and Learning, Univ. of Vermont. Here’s my outline for the event.

Sharing Podcasting

C. Rathbone

CTL 8-07-42

1. not a Podcaster…can see its benefits…haven’t gotten there yet

not really sure how to manage the complexity of it

realize this is a curricular control issue for me…not sure how to negotiate the “ownership” issues yet

2. bottom line criteria

for me…

can’t add too much additional instructor time to managing the course

I have to be relatively comfortable with the technology

the technology is a tool to enhance learning – it doesn’t magically compel learning by itself

research: focused talk leading to beneficial cognitive growth ie. new neuronal networks

research: situating the podcast process in the known lives of the students

research: M = V x Pr success

research: the more personal the choice, the more likely higher value will be obtained

notice: none of these have to do with the technical aspects of creating podcasts: they are all learning issues

3. I think, therefore I dabble

Example One: boring lecture on Instructional Expertise

self conscious

mercifully short (I’d never do a pcast over 15 minutes)

used my iPod, recorded, uploaded directly into iTunes, exported and posted as mp3 file

objective: provide clarifying follow-up to a confusing classroom presentation

processed at the beginning of class next class period using mc assessment and clickers

Example Two: class reflection on Presentation by visiting professor (Paul Martin talking about his podcaster experience)

not so self conscious, more intentional

better thought through

had students use 3×5 cards to record questions, areas of investigation, prior to Paul’s visit

asked students to write responses to their questions/additional a-hahs that emerged during the talk

passed the iPod around, they recorded publicly in front of each other (9 in class 🙂 )

edited in Garageband, cutting embarrassing remarks, Uhhhs, adding a little pizzazz

pizzazz is actually important to lift the tenor of the podcast…I can get better at this


a. focus the listening of Paul

b. make it personal

c. demonstrate ease of it all (ironic, right??)

d. force a response

e. listen to others

f. seamlessness in course http://261sm07.wikispaces.com/For+Friday+the+6th

met the criteria stated in #2: focus, situated, value and Psuccess, personalize

4. Thinking this through as a learning tool…there’s help out there and in here (CTL)

a. web commentaries Blog of Proximal Development http://www.teachandlearn.ca/blog/

b. containing the blogs 21Classes (instead of setting up feeds – I need help with that)

c. individual and/or collaborative virtue in both, not sure which way to go