Complex Instruction PodCast / KWL from Class

My Seniors are getting ready to implement a complicated Complex Instruction cooperative learning rotation in their classrooms. Part of our preparation was to focus their panic in a KWL we did in class last week. I offer this podcast as one way of responding to their questions. It’s corny, but perhaps informative.

These are most of the “What I want to know about what I’m about to do with CI” questions I responded to in the Cast:

W – “What I want to know about what I’m about to do with CI.”

1. If a group of students just aren’t working well together, is it okay to switch them?

2. For resource card, can I use a non-fiction book?

3. For the pre/post test should we measure knowledge of content or multiple abilities?

4. What do you do with the activities/projects that are finished each day? Do the kids present them during the closing meeting?

5. Can I give a first grader two roes?

6. Will four different activities on food from around the world be too narrow?

7. How do I describe the role of facilitator to very young students so they do not find it unfair that this person is a type of leader? Perhaps they won’t have a problem with it.

8. I want to know more about getting slower processors and lower academic students involved.

9. How can I encourage students to work as a team so everyone is as engaged as possible?

10. Are there ever and groups of students that do not benefit from ci?

11. How often would it be beneficial to do CI? If it occurs once a week, do the benefits not become as strong because it is done so often?

12. I want to know how to create an effective pre/post test for ci.

13. How should I organize the groups? What roles?

14. How much time for sharing?

15. How is sharing structured?

16. How much preparation with roles and norms? How far in advance?

17. How do I incorporate and deal with team teaching?

18. How do I fix / prevent behavioral problems curing CI stations?

19. Many students don’t get along, groups are made as friendly as possible yet issues will arise. Pre/post tests?

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