College Undergraduate Advising

I’m thinking that I’ll post information for advisees here – useful information when it comes along. That way, especially during pre-registration times, postings to some might in fact be helpful to all. I’m not sure. I’ll have to play with it for a while but at least this is a start. By the way, I just got back from a three day vacation with the Fam. We went to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA. Yay for the North Shore. We had mostly good weather.


What else. Let’s see. You may not have heard:

  • We have a new Dean, Fayneese Miller. I think many of us are looking forward to her leadership and are ready to move in directions being encouraged by a “UVM on the cusp.” Sadly, I also have to share with you that Dean Miller’s Mom passed away last Friday. Our thoughts are with her in what must surely be a difficult time.
  • Courtney Foley has taken a new position in the Department of Geology. That’s enough to make me want to take geology course. We will miss her immensely. I personally have never had such responsible and up-beat assistance in (all) my years here in the department. We are searching for a new person – not a new Courtney. That can never be. If you are ever over at the Geology Department at the Trinity Campus, drop by and say hello. Send her an email. I’m sure she’d like hearing from you.

Okay. Office hours for me at this point will be Mondays, 3-5; Wednesdays 10-12; Fridays 2-4. The routine is to call Cheryl Schneck to make an appointment (6-3356). If that doesn’t work, then email me. I have close to 60 advisees. I can’t have everyone emailing me. That would be my full time job!

I’m busy this Fall teaching Ed 24, 178, 188, and several guest appearances in Ed 10. Phew. It is going to be a very busy semester.

More later. Looking forward to seeing all my old (and new) advisees.