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Talking in Amsterdam

I’ll be giving the following talk next Wednesday, February 6, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

It’s part of the series Where Are We Going, Walt Whitman? An Ecosophical Roadmap for Artists and Other Futurists.

(The series looks incredible. I wish I could be there for all the other talks and events.)

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Introducing e²mc

e2mc, short for “evolving ecological media cultures,” has gone online.

e2mc begins as the class blog for the University of Vermont course “Media Ecologies and Cultural Politics.” Its long-term goal is to become the online face of the UVM Ecomedia Studies Lab, which is still in development.

The blog is open to anyone interested in participating, provided that you share its goal of open and respectful discussion of issues related to the intersecting themes of media, ecology, culture, and politics.

The blog’s design is still in progress; at some point we intend to unveil a more interesting and interactive format. But for now, it looks like this.

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A few days after Aaron Swartz’s suicide — in part triggered by the prospect of a 35-year prison sentence for making a big stash of scholarly journal articles available to the public for free (!) — it is appropriate to think about what is wrong with the state of academic publishing today.

Here’s a for instance: I got an email today about a new issue of the journal Third Text: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture. It’s a special issue on “Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology.” It looks great: 16 articles, totaling 170 pages, of theoretical writing, analysis, and conversations between artists, scholars, and activists from around the world. I’d love to read it and to recommend it to my students, who are studying the intersections between art, ecology, politics, and activism.

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Immanence goes to

The Immanence Shadow Blog — that space where I scoop up little things of interest found on the internet — has been reinvented and reloaded as You can subscribe to it here.

The latest piece I’ve added is the following bit of prescient (or perhaps eternally relevant) American humor:

H/t to Jon Cogburn at APPS. And thanks to Antonio for the scoop on