Leon takes me to task for slowing down here, but finds much life in the ecophilosophical immanent-ontological underbrush — among fellow travelers Knowledge Ecology (who’s been on a roll lately), Immanent Transcendence, and Ecology without Nature. (And we should add Leon’s own After Nature.)

(Note: It’s all underbrush; no towering redwoods among us.)

He is, of course, right on all these counts. I’ve been a little nomadic over the summer (including spending beach time on Martha’s Vineyard this week with little rinpoche) and unable to spend much time online. I haven’t even managed to stay up to date with the Integral Ecology reading group (which hyper-prolific Tim has thrown several smoke-bombs into, and Michael will be wrapping up). And being program director in the fall will not make things much easier. But I am wrapping up my Ecologies of the Moving Image manuscript, which has been priority #1.

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