In response to my Dharma of file sharing post, visual artist Tom Gokey, whose work readers may know from Speculations journal, shared a link to his video on “Public Libraries, 3D Printing, FabLabs, and Hackerspaces.” It is… stunning in its implications. Just watch.

The democratization of production? The total plasticization of the world?

Tom wants to read the book that will become The Wealth of Nations or Kapital for the new economic system that will result from these technologies. I would like to throw a quiet warning into the mix: since both Adam Smith and Karl Marx got the future of their own visions very wrong (witness: capitalism today, and communism/socialism circa 1990 or, better yet, 1932-3), should we find this new Adam Marx of the New Digital Wilderness — send out a search party like Tibetan monks on the quest for the new Karmapa or Dalai Lama — and quickly innoculate him against utopian over-reach? A quick course in the history of how-things-become-completely-different-from-what-we-intend-them-to-be? (G. I. Gurdjieff had the right insight about this.)

Class assignment: In the world that will result from this, what, if anything, will the following mean (or become)? Nature. Culture. Materiality. Textuality. Plasticity. Writing. Wild(er)ness. Domestication. Property. Freedom. Ecology. Reality.

I love the idea that we will all one day be Children of Joseph Beuys.

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