Paul Ennis’s book of interviews with seven “post-Continental” philosophical “voices” is out now and orderable on Amazon. (The hard copy will be available in late October.) The seven are Graham Harman, Jeffrey Malpas, Lee Braver, Stuart Elden, Ian Bogost, Levi Bryant, and (gasp) myself.

As (U of San Diego’s) Peter Gratton’s blurb says, “Pick up this book and grab a front seat to those whose work will be in short order the landmarks of our post-Continental futures.”

(Note to the philosophically uninitiated: “Continental” refers to one of the two main traditions within academic philosophy, the other being “analytical.” The continent is Europe, since this tradition finds its main sources among French, German, Italian, and other continental European, as opposed to Anglo-American, philosophers. Wafting on the air of cappuccino, perfume, and the sound of accordions in the street, “Continental” is, simply put, more fun.)

And from Paul’s too-kind introduction:

“With Ivakhiv we get a clear indication that the division between philosophy and other disciplines will eventually give way and will do so because the academics of the future are no longer satisfied with the boundaries they have been bequeathed.”

Congrats, Paul, on getting it out, and thanks to Zero Books for making it happen, and for delivering on their promise that “another kind of discourse – intellectual without being academic, popular without being populist – is not only possible: it is already flourishing. Zer0 is convinced that in the unthinking, blandly consensual culture in which we live, critical and engaged theoretical reflection is more important than ever before.”

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