Greenpeace has done a nice (counter) intelligence report on Koch Industries’ funding of the climate denial machine. According to the report, the Kansas-based petroleum and chemical industry conglomerate funded a network of lobbyists, think tanks, and front groups including the Mercatus Center, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, and others, to the tune of $80 million since 1997, and $25 million in funding and $39 million in direct lobbying since 2006. (Apparently, the father of CEO Charles G. Koch, who ranks as the ninth wealthiest American, was a founder of the John Birch Society and of the Cato Institute.)

The report, which is well worth reading, is available here. Ever on top of things, Rachel Maddow takes on Koch (pronounced “Coke,” like the drink) here. (You can also watch the video on interviewee Jim Hoggan’s DeSmog blog). For more, see here. Koch Industries’ response is reproduced at greeninc, and some other memorable Koch quotes can be found here.

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