Greenpeace International’s Earth Day video looks like a recruitment ad for an army of media-guerrilla climate warriors. From the techno-martial drumming, rapid-fire camera movement, shots of the troops in action, eco-doomsday imagery (including an image of the sun rising over the Earth looking like a mushroom cloud), and Christ the Redeemer flying over Rio de Janeiro draped in a Greenpeace poster by GI’s (?) culture jammers — it touches on all the buttons that have been attracting working-class American youth to the US army, and more. And what is that shot of naked humans who look like they’ve risen out of their graves on the day of the Rapture… on a melting glacier? Brilliant. Now if they can get their recruiters to American campuses the way the US army does, and offer scholarships too…

Thanks to Mediacology for sharing this.

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