Maybe part of the reason I’ve been writing more on philosophical themes here than on ‘ecoculture’ is the simple fact that I’m surrounded by environmental themes on a daily basis – in my teaching, reading and writing, in discussions with students and colleagues. But not a single one of my colleagues here is a philosopher (UVM’s philosophy department is very traditional and, as far as I can tell, exclusively analytical). When I do discuss philosophy with colleagues, in any depth, it’s with a handful of humanists or social scientists who are passionate about their positions (which range from Marxist and feminist to ecofeminist and political-ecologist to Lacanian and poststructuralist) but whose knowledge of the theories I’m working with – especially the the postconstructivist, process-relational – is limited. (Well, there is the cognitivist performance theorist next-door-neighbor whose friendship I treasure, and a few others I wish I’d see more often, but those conversations don’t happen often enough.) So this is what comes out when I sit down to write and feel a need to say things louder than paper can handle… That said, the coming days will be hellishly busy, so posts might be slower in coming.

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