I’ve been perusing Kvond’s wonderful Spinozist blog Frames /Sing, which synthesizes in-depth readings of Spinoza alongside a broad interest in ontology, biology, semiosis (including biosemiotics), Deleuze, Latour, Heidegger, and much else, and generates insightful discussion with a coterie of other bloggers. For anyone interested, here’s a short list of some possibly entry points into his thinking, which resonate with some of what I’ve been trying to get started here:

Why Spinoza? A historical, sociological argument – A good place to start.

Deleuze on Spinoza and Plotinus and luminosity

The problem with Spinoza’s panpsychism – I’m working on figuring out the relations and distinctions between panpsychism or panexperientialism (in their different forms, including Whitehead’s), pantheism, panentheism, poly-isms of various sorts (polytheism, polypsychism), and systems theories ranging from Gregory Bateson’s semiotics, Joanna Macy’s (and others’) Buddhist ontology, Manuel DeLanda’s Deleuzianism, et al., so expect more on all these topics.

Is Latour an Underexpressed Spinozist

Latour’s inconsistency, “Start in the middle”

In praise of scholarly enemism: People are animals too

Balibar’s Spinoza and Politics: The braids of reason and passion

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