I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Vermont. I am also Direct of the Middle East studies program, and affiliated with the Global and Regional Studies program. My research focuses on religion and politics, particularly the causes and effects of state policies on religion and the connections between religion and power.

My current work analyzes how religion can be a source of influence and power in international relations, and the unintended consequences of such use. This involves a book manuscript analyzing the use of religion in various states’ foreign policies, and a series of articles applying social network analysis to the study of religion and international relations.

My book, Islamic Politics, Muslim States and Counterterrorism Tensions was published in 2017 by Cambridge University Press. In it I present an institutional approach to religion and international relations, focusing on the manner in which ties between religion and state affect the power of religious issues. The book focuses on Muslim states’ cooperation with America during the Global War on Terrorism. The book includes a quantitative analysis using original data on counterterrorism cooperation and case studies of Pakistan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. I have discussed the book in a Research on Religion podcast and a Q&A with START.  I also have a piece on the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage applying the book to debates on Pakistan.

I have published  scholarly articles in the International Journal of Religion, International Studies Perspectives, Journal of Church and State, Journal of Conflict ResolutionJournal of Peace ResearchPolitics and Religion, Religion, State and Society and Terrorism and Political Violence. 

I am available for media appearances. I have specific expertise in terrorism, the Middle East (particularly Turkey and Persian Gulf politics), and international religious freedom. I worked for over 10 years in Washington, DC with the US intelligence community, the Pew Research Center, and other institutions. My contact information is available here.

Explore this site to find more information on my research, teaching and other activities. The latest updates on my work are available here. Students, information on my courses and advising can be found on my Teaching page and my profile on the UVM Political Science website.

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