I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Vermont. I am also Director of the Middle East studies program, and affiliated with the Global and Regional Studies program. I am an expert in Middle East politics, terrorism, and religious politics. I am available for media commentary and data analysis on these issues. My contact information is available here.

My new book, Religious appeals in power politics, explores the ways states try to use religion as a tool in international affairs and why this often fails, providing insights for both scholars and policymakers hoping to grapple with religion’s role in the world. It was published in September 2023 by Cornell University Press. Read more on the book here

My other work applies network analysis and relational methods to the study of religion and international relations in an attempt to broaden our understanding of this topic. My earlier work explored the impact of religion on political violence and the effects of close ties between religion and state. My first book was published in 2017 by Cambridge University Press, and my articles have been published in International Studies Review, International Journal of Religions, International Studies Perspectives, and Religions, Journal of Church and State, Journal of Conflict ResolutionJournal of Peace ResearchPolitics and Religion, Religion, State and Society and Terrorism and Political Violence. 

I have also written for the Center for American Progress, the Brookings Institution, the Washington Post’s Monkeycage, and other outlets, and am an editor at The Duck of Minerva.

Explore this site to find more information on my publications, research, teaching and other activities. You can also find information on my hobbies, particularly tabletop gaming and music. The latest updates on my work are available here. Students, information on my courses and advising can be found on my Teaching page and my profile on the UVM Political Science website.