While I love international relations, I have several hobbies outside of my job as a Professor.

The most important is music. I play guitar, mandolin, and lap steel and perform around Vermont with my own and other groups.

Here is a clip of me performing with my group, The Forgotten Frogs. And in this clip I am playing mandolin for Kipincoe.

I also write fiction. While it is unlikely to make the New York Times’ best-sellers’ list, I self-published a historical fiction novel set in the ancient Near East, entitled The Tablet of Destinies. You can find it at Amazon or (preferably) through local booksellers.

at the British Museum’s Ancient Near East collection

Finally, I am an avid tabletop and role-playing gamer. On tabletop, I am a particular fan of Arkham Horror and its many expansions. For RPGs, I run games of Dungeons and Dragons (of course), as well as the Star Wars RPG, the Firefly RPG and the Alien RPG.